Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Family History, Zone Conference and last time at Skidmore's, oh my!

Family and Friends,

Last week was great and busy! Friday we had a Zone Conference. The difference between a Conference and a Zone Meeting is that Conferences usually have 3 or 4 zones together. So, we had 4 in ours, I believe. Got to see all of my friends again, since our zone split. Was able to say goodbye to a few I won't see again. All of the Missionaries who will be leaving this transfer all shared their departing Missionary testimonies, including myself. The spirit was very strong and powerful. I love hearing Testimonies from those whom have served and are about to head home!

Saturday we went to the Stake Center with a member, another member joined us. We went because two Sisters in our Zone have been struggling with their family history and asked Elder Erickson and I to help. It was good! I felt the spirit as I helped Sister King find names and we felt led and directed to certain people through searching on Google. I know family history is such a great way to introduce non members to the Gospel because the spirit of Elijah is always present. Sometimes the spirit will hit you and you will feel where to go.

Saturday evening we went to Pearland texas and met with a referral that the South Mission sisters found. One of them knew just enough sign language to communicate with their neighbors and so we came to start teaching. It was great! Four deaf people who are smart and educated! The sisters have an interpreter and ride setup for them too!

Sunday I had the opportunity to share my Testimony, as it was Fast Sunday. It was the last one with the Branch, so Elder Mitchell and I went up to share ours, followed later by Elder McGill and Erickson. The spirit was very strong. Then we enjoyed dinner at the Skidmore's one last time! Last time eating spaghetti and salad, plus blue bell and brownies. :(

Yesterday was PDAY, and memorial day. So libraries were closed and thus I couldn't email. So with permission, we are emailing Today. We were going to head to the park, but it rained hard core and we ended up with a bit of flooding, but we are alright mom and dad! Don't worry! We stayed in the Stake Center instead and hung out there. Then had dinner at a member's. A woman recently moved into our Branch to learn and use sign language, and we became friends with her, so whenever her parents are home she invites us for Dinner.

Today is a good day! We are emailing, then we will go to CRR then visit a member in Sugarland and then teach our ASL Class tonight, hopefully people will show up!

Have a great week!


Elder Gardner

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