Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day, 6 investigators and 5 weeks left.

Hello family and friends,

Happy one-day-late-Mother's Day!

The past week we said goodbye to Elder Oleson, then went to the Zoo, with permission of course. We went with the plan of helping the Deaf in downtown Houston learn about the animals in the zoo and also how to apply for jobs at the zoo. We have been cleaning our apartment like crazy and trying to be as organized as possible. Elder McGill gave me a haircut and kind of screwed it up a little, but that's the beauty of hair... it grows back, haha.

District Meeting Elder McGill taught, why? He's now the District Leader. So he taught about talking with everyone whenever we can. So later that day, when we went to try and visit one of our member's who feel through, we went to Sonic and met a Deaf woman and man there! We contacted them and hopefully they will contact us back soon. :) Also went to Texas Road House for Dinner that night. :)

Saturday was an all Temple day! It was great doing Ordinances for our deceased ancestors. Sunday was good, President and Sister Pingree came to speak in InWood and will speak in Fallbrook soon. Church was good. Then we went to Speckhard's to Skype home. I enjoyed it. Planned our trip a little and just chatted. I'm excited to see my family.

Anyway, I hope y'all have a great week! Enjoy the Summer!


Elder Gardner

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